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Samsung Unlocking Code

We unlock Samsung Galaxy on any UK network ,EE, Orange, T-mobile, Vingin, O2, Tesco, Giffgaff, Vodafone.

How long it takes to Unlock Samsung:  It takes about 24-72 working hours to generate the Unlocking code.

Models Supported:  Almost all the New Samsung models are supported e.g Samsung  S6, S7, S8, A7 , Note , J5 and many others.

What if you Server Can not unlock my Phone:  If server can not unlock your phone or Can generate code the we will refund you full amount. Please make sure IMEI is clean ( not blocked or barred) .

What I do after I get the Code: We will send you code and instruction to unlock. Its very simple. Inset the simcard in phone and enter the code ( send by us)

Is Samsung S8 Supported: Yes we can unlock Samsung Galaxy S8.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any query.  Click here to contact us  or email to


Benefits of Unlocking

  • Use any network sim card of your choice
  • Use phone abroad in foreign country
  • It does not effect your warranty
  • Increase Re-sale value.
  • Life Time updates
  • Its unlocked for life

Unlocking Instructions for iPhone and iPad.

After we confirm your phone has been unlocked, Please follow the below steps

  • Power on your iphone with a different network sim card
  • Connect  iPhone to the iTunes or Activate over WiFi
  • Wait for 10-15 seconds and you will see your iPhone back to the activation mode.
  • Disconnect your iphone from the itunes
  • Reconnect your iphone to the itunes again
  • You will then see the itunes stating that the iphone has unlockedYou will need to restore the phone if your iphone has been jailbroken before and after restoring you might loose jailbreak.

What is IMEI Number and Where can I find it

Your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is an international “Serial number” for your phone to properly identify it.  Your IMEI can be found using the following methods

  • At the back of your phone behind the battery
  • Or by dialing *#06#* while your phone is powered on it is a 15 digit number.
  • Please only supply us with the first 15 numeric digits the phone provides,
  • Please Do NOT Include Spaces, Dashes/Slashes (/,-) And Dots (.).


Do not hesitate to contact us for any query.  Click here to contact us  or email to

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